Love’s flames

In between the lines of Adam’s words, when for the first time he saw the woman (and in his whole life, any woman!), we feel his love and pleasure. Love between a man and a woman is something created by God and blessed by him.

Love’s flames are fiery flames — the fiercest of all.
Song of Solomon 8.6 HCSB

Physical, romantic love between a man and a woman does not constitute the entire relationship between them, but it does make up an important part of that relationship.

This love changes over time, throughout the life of the couple, but it should never be neglected or forgotten.

Such a love may easily be perverted or expressed in wrong forms or toward the wrong people, against God’s will, but it does have an approved expression.

It is this love that makes seven years seem like just a few days, Genesis 29.20.

Let this love between a man and a woman be cultivated and blessed among the saints.

J. Randal Matheny

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2 thoughts on “Love’s flames

  1. A rich blessing that many miss by substituting other ideals. Glad to see the Devo from the Song. Subject that requires great discretion, but should certainly not be forgotten 🙂

    1. As I recall, the Jews did not read the Song in the synagogues, or at least read little of it, for discretion’ sake. I tend to steer away from subjects like marital intimacy and sex, for that reason, and so as not to been seen as having a warped mind. haha. But there are times a passage really stands out, and this one in the HCSB got my attention. Thanks!

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