self loveLove for self is one of the main values of our pagan society. Its essence is satisfaction of one’s desires and impulses, at the expense of one’s neighbor. Supposedly, he who loves his life seeks what is best. Christians misuse the second greatest commandment as evidence of this borrowed and sanitized value.

Now, there does exist in the Bible a bit of evidence of self love:

The one who acquires wisdom loves himself;
the one who preserves understanding will prosper.
Proverbs 19:8 NET

Wisdom consists in the fear of God. “Wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord” (Proverbs 1:7 CEB). Self love, therefore, removes self from its focus to put the Lord at the center of one’s attentions. This movement invests true value to one’s life in God’s plan and represents doing what is best for self.

Self love, then, consists in forgetting self. This is the intelligent factory of happiness.


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  1. John Piper makes a big deal about self-love. He says the Bible doesn’t say, “Love others INSTEAD of yourself” but “Love others AS you love yourself”.

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