The ego likes to receive attention. In fact, it requires attention from others. The ego lives to be the center of attention of people, because at the bottom of it is egotism.

Woe to you Pharisees! You love the best seats in the synagogues and elaborate greetings in the marketplaces!
Luke 11.43 NET

Little is worse in religion that love of attention. In some congregations, people fight to see who will appear more before the saints in the assemblies.

I remember, many years ago, being punished by the “leadership” of a congregation and going for about a year without teaching or appearing before the congregation. Instead of running away to another place, our family remained in the congregation and I submitted myself to the punishment. It was an instructive exercise.

The fight for time in front of the congregation and for influence of the so-called leaders damages everyone. It is against the spirit of Christ. This is why he condemned love of attention in the Pharisees and, by extension, he condemns it in his followers.

Because such love does not permit that attention be given to him who deserves it: the glorious Lord Jesus Christ.

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