If we are really on the Lord’s side

Losers don’t have much say when it comes deciding the terms of a treaty. Unconditional surrender means the losing side is at the complete mercy of the victor.

So it was with the leading officials of the city of Jezreel, where the dead king Ahab had built his palace, when the victorious Jehu approached them.

[Jehu] wrote them a second letter, saying, “If you are really on my side and are willing to obey me, then take the heads of your master’s sons and come to me in Jezreel at this time tomorrow.” Now the king had seventy sons, and the prominent men of the city were raising them.
2 Kings 10.6 NET

All this happened to fulfill the word of God. But note the high price that the city officials had to pay in order to demonstrate their loyalty. The city that was rearing the dead king’s sons had to prove it would not revolt against Jehu. Seventy royal sons had to die. Their heads would be evidence of their submission to the new ruler.

If I am really on God’s side, 70 people do not have to die. Only one must give up his life. Me. I must crucify the self. I must die to self, to the world, to my own will.

If we really belong to the Lord, the price is high — total obedience to the will of God.

Salvation is free, Christ paid our debt, and we owe him everything.

Almighty God, I surrender all! I will not resist you nor reject you. You are King and Ruler over my life.

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J. Randal Matheny

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