What Lord is this?

Here are three suggestive descriptions, all from the gospel of Matthew, in close proximity to each other. These three, within their context, say powerful things about him.

  • Lord of the harvest, Mt 9.37-38. NLT translates the phrase as “Lord in charge of the harvest.” Does anyone dare deny his mission?
  • Lord of heaven and earth, who reveals according to his wisdom, Mt 11.25. Does anyone dare refuse his wisdom?
  • Lord of the Sabbath, Mt 12.1-8. Jesus applies the description to himself, he who knows the proper use of God’s commandments. Does anyone dare twist his word?

One could broaden this to other books and portions of Scripture, of course, where phrases such as “Lord of all,” “Lord of lords,” and “Lord of glory” appear. But these three together speak powerfully about who God is and how and why he exercises his sovereignty.

J. Randal Matheny

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