God up there, and us down here. What a distance, right? God is really far away, isn’t he? Not at all! For those who seek him, God is near.

The Lord looks down from heaven
on the entire human race;
he looks to see if anyone is truly wise,
if anyone seeks God.
Psalm 14.2 NLT

Let’s note these points from the verse above.

  1. God seeks those who seek him. He’s after true worshipers. He created us for communion. We were made to relate to him, our spirit created in his image in order to walk with the God who is Spirit. Have you found God?
  2. Wisdom, or as the Portuguese version has it, understanding his plans, is summed up in seeking God. The Portuguese version, again, renders this phrase as desiring to have communion with him. The pagan runs after the things of this life, but the wise seek God’s kingdom above all. Are you wise?
  3. God cares for us. He’s not stalking us, just waiting to catch us in some mistake. He searches for us in order to extend an invitation. But who wants it? Almost no one! (Read the whole psalm.) But “God is with those who obey him,” verse 5, that is, those who fear and reverence him. Have you already obeyed?

Salvation is God’s action to turn our lives around, so that we can be found by him and included in his family. Seek his wisdom!

Father, may I, like Saul, stop praying and fasting in order to get up and obey your wise gospel.

Hold this thought: God can and wants to save the weak, / And saves all those who choose to seek.


What do you think?