When nobody’s looking

What do we do when nobody’s looking? Do we act differently than we do when we’re being observed?

Moses thought he could take justice into his own hands, solve an oppressive situation, and remain free from consequences.

He looked this way and that and saw that no one was there, and then he attacked the Egyptian and concealed the body in the sand.
Exodus 2.12 NET

Except that someone did see him. (It was the man he saved!) And when the fact surfaced, when it became public, he ran for the desert.

Let’s say, for argument’ sake, that no one does see us. Let’s say that we manage to escape without being noted.

Even at that, God sees us. Nothing is hidden from him.

Even if we do not suffer at the hands of men, we will suffer in the Beyond after hearing the divine sentence.

Translated from the Portuguese.

J. Randal Matheny

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