Yes, the first phrase of this UPLift poem was spoken earlier today half a world away.


by J. Randal Matheny

Look upon the world with eyes
Of love, take pity on the poor,
The impoverished rich; go hear the cries
Of the faint and needy at your door,
The lonely soul in laughter’s disguise.
Where justice fails and wars are stirred,
The world awaits your saving word.

Here’s the link to the sermon given earlier today. I borrowed the title for the poem. The development of the poem from there is my own.

I know it’s unusual for me to send out two UPLift poems in as many days, but this one wouldn’t wait.

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2 thoughts on “Poem: Look Upon the World

  1. Randy, I’m so grateful you were moved to write this poem. As Jesus and his disciples watched the people of Sychar come up to them at Jacob’s well he must have experienced a similar motivation. Seeing into their hearts and feeling their emptiness and loneliness he exclaimed, “the fields are white unto harvest.”

    When we come in contact with people who appear very satified in their godless lives, we assume they wouldn’t be interested and write them off. Jesus sees them trying to fill their empty lives with things that result in even more emptiness. He knows it’s a void only he can fill.

    We need to look at people with the eyes of Jesus. We have the good news of what Jesus has done to completely and eternally fill that void. Yet we assume they wouldn’t heed the call and withhold that good news from them.

    Sorry for the lecture, but a man was just baptized Friday who we would have never considered a contact. He was busy in his very secular life seemingly uninterested in Christianity. Most would have written him off. Our preacher and his wife were more persistent. Thank God. Today he’s a Christian because they looked upon him with eyes of love and shared the saving Word.

  2. Richard, thanks for your wonderful comment. I’m thankful to read of the preacher’s example. We judge people and fail to offer them the gospel. We must see every man’s need and not their level of interest from our standpoint. God bless!

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