This paragraph by A.B. Simpson meant much to me.

Some day even you, trembling faltering one, shall stand upon those heights that Joshua knew. As you look back upon all you have passed through, all you have narrowly escaped, all the perils through which He guided you, the stumblings through which He guarded you and the sins from which He saved you; you will shout, with a meaning you cannot understand now, Salvation to our God, which sitteth upon the throne, and unto the Lamb (Revelation 7:10).

The entire devotional is here.

2 thoughts on “As you look back upon all you have passed through

  1. I’ve got a sermon called “Not one good thing,” based on that text. Because we can get bogged down in the moment, it sure is nice to get a reminder once in a while about how certain victory is in Christ, and how unbalanced the war between God and the world truly is. Conquerors, and much more so! through Him!

    • Certainly must be a fine message. How to convince all, including ourselves, that this war is truly “unbalanced”?! Great word.

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