Longest and shortest Bible books. What does it mean?

Comparative chart of length of Bible books
Longest and shortest Bible books — Credit: OverviewBible.com

All the largest Bible books are in the Old Testament. Even beginning students quickly get a feel for how much larger in size the Old Testament is than the New.

So much happened in God’s eternal plan before Jesus arrived. It’s important to assimilate the information and the history behind Jesus.

The OT attests to the patience and faithfulness of God. All the history before Christ shows how he is the focus of the divine purpose.

The world was at its ripest moment when Christ came into the world. God caused all the right conditions to come together at this time.

But when the set time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under the law, to redeem those under the law, that we might receive adoption to sonship. Gal 4.4 NIV.

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5 thoughts on “Longest and shortest Bible books. What does it mean?

  1. What I think is also significant is that the Books of the Hebrew Bible cover about 4,000 years, though written over a one-thousand-year span. Whereas the New Testament covers less than a hundred years, unless of course you consider what the New Testament says about the End. It took, I am guessing, between 40 and 50 years to write. I do not know how accurate my numbers are, but I think you get the idea.

    Perhaps one way that the New Testament beats out the Old Testament is that the New has more Books written during that 40+ year span than any 40 year span in the Old, although the Old has more written in a 40 year span, but it was written in only five books (the wilderness wanderings when Moses wrote Genesis through Deuteronomy).

    I am just having fun here.

    To me the length of the biblical Books shows just how little God included in His written word, because He could have had so much written that it would have overwhelmed us. Therefore, what little He did reveal has to be highly significant for the human race.

    Now let us bury our noses in His Book, and see what we learn.

    1. I like your fun there, Don. It is amazing that the most important Revelation of all fits in a single volume that can be carried in one hand. Amen!

  2. It is amazing how infrequently and to how few people God ever spoke. The Bible is in one sense a large book, compared to many others, but contains so very little. But what little it contains is beyond our ability to fully appreciate. The official biography of the most influential person to ever live is contained in four small volumes, less than 200 total pages in length. What a wonder the Bible is!

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