A Long Time a Comin’

Well, now — the Lord he’s been a long time a comin’, it seems,
I say — I been a seein’ him approachin’ in my dreams,
His glory’s growin’ brighter night by night,
He’s mighty loud, and gives me quite a fright,
All around — are marchin’ beasts and flyin’ cherubim, hmm,
His robes — a flappin’ in the wind, it’s him, oh, him!

I see — he’s wavin’ me come up and climb the air,
Flap, kick — Whate’er it takes I’ll get myself up there,
His face aglow, and glad to see me rise,
His arms aspread, this welcome’s my gentle prize,
Whirlywind — Come whip me away to leave this world below,
Lord and Friend — Just you appear, and I be ready to go!

J. Randal Matheny

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