Many a discouraged man (and woman) of God has taken heart at Elijah’s wilderness experience and at God’s care for him in his lowest point.

The scenes of his despair in the wilderness, of his encounter on the mountain, have been painted by many a master and described by poets far better than I. But here I take my turn.

Below is the first stanza, of six (!), to whet your appetite. (Remember, the complete poems are available only by email.) UPDATE: Email list has been deleted, poems are now published on this site.


To a desert’s death the lonely prophet fled,
From Carmel’s height, he gave his fear its head;
A royal threat of vengeance put him to flight,
This winning man of faith who wavered, by sight.

If you’d like to read the rest of this poem, which has already gone to the list, ask and you shall receive. OFFER STILL GOOD.

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