But if you have nothing to say, then listen to me.
Be quiet, and I will teach you wisdom.
Job 33.33 EXB

In the age of social media, we all have something to say and multiple venues through which to say it.

Elihu launched himself into the lull between Job and his three friends. Everyone had exhausted their arguments. No one had convinced anyone of their positions. Now the youngest of them thinks he has a shot.

Today, hardly a lull exists in the stream of posts, statuses, timelines, and text messages. We cannot be quiet to learn wisdom. (On this point, Elihu was spot on.)

But we must get to the point of being quiet and listening, not to the arguments of others, but to the voice of God. The Lord Jesus Christ is wisdom. We can only discover it in the Bible. By reading and studying the Bible, away from the barrage of human speech.

So when are you going to make time for that?

Oh, God of heaven, save us from our gadgets! Save us from our babbling and chatting and endless gabbing. Put us face to face with your word of wisdom, with your Son Jesus Christ.

Hold this thought: Multitasking is overrated. When God speaks, tune everything else out.

What do you think?