Three Meals and Four Snacks

As mentioned earlier, I’m on a limerick streak, in terms of style, and on an aging streak, in terms of content. So far, on grandmas and physical changes like hair. (See all the poetry archives here, with other limericks about fans and frog warts.)

Today’s verse is on the eating habits of the elderly, which may not apply to all, of course. A caricature, certainly. But this is for fun, so here goes.

We aged eat fast-food gourmet,
Three meals and four snacks every day.
Retired, we just piddle,
We’re wide in the middle,
The scales groan in pain when we weigh.

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J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

3 thoughts on “Three Meals and Four Snacks

  1. Of course, I was not thinking of anybody specific when I wrote. Except maybe my dad, who’s a big snacker, though he’s not that thick around the middle. Go figure.

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