Jesus also said, “The Kingdom of God is like a farmer who scatters seed on the ground.”
Mark 4:26 NLT

We think of farming as something risky, even dangerous. Some people even call it a gamble, erroneously. One never knows if the seed will germinate, if the plant will grow, if the fruit will appear. So many factors, so many unknowns.

But Jesus here emphasizes the growth that occurs even without the farmer knowing how it happens (v. 27). The ground produces, the plant goes through its stages right up to the time of harvest. Even without knowing how it happens, man plants and harvests.

This is what the Kingdom of God is like. God makes it grow, and we have no explanations, for the Spirit works unseen. Everything happens through the seed of the word of God, which, implanted in the human heart, quietly does its work and produces transformation.

Without knowing how it happens, the preacher and teacher (that’s all of us) work and harvest the fruits.

Glory to God for this!

This was today’s Portuguese-language meditation, Deus Conosco.

What do you think?