Does Nothing in this World Make Sense?

By J. Randal Matheny © 2016

Nothing matters more than God,
The earth is destined for destruction,
Loving people leave our lives,
Things wear out, and wages are spent.

Life is brief, our breath a vapor —
There must be more than meets the eye,
Than body, ambition, bold desires,
Than food and clothes and foolish play.

Children die, the weak discarded,
The unborn aborted without a chance,
Wars are waged, injustice waxes,
The rich get richer, the poor remain.

Does nothing in this world make sense?
Is life a joke, a game of chance?
Is effort useless under the sun,
Between our fingers, fast-flowing sand?

The Lord created the land and sea,
For needy man to know his love,
To seek his face, to feel his nearness,
Prepare for eternal happiness.

Godless hours are cold and vain,
No meaning moves the murky sky.
If death is final, gray dust consumes,
The nations rage, and none is wiser.

The stars are signs for times and seasons,
Pointing to God, the powerful giver.
Though we ignore his wondrous ways,
He wills the end and works to save.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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