The life which sacrifices itself for the kingdom of God does not belong only to apostles and full-time workers. Every Christian is called to sacrifice himself for Christ. Such sacrifice is the follower’s spiritual ID.

Your faith makes you give your lives as a sacrifice in serving God.
Philippians 2.17 ERV

The above affirmation, from the Easy-to-Read Version, explains the compact phrase of Paulo, who affirms that he joins his efforts to serve God to those of the Philippians. The phrase is succinct: “on the sacrifice and service of your faith.”

“Faith produces a sacrificial attitude, which frees us to lay down our temporary physical life in the interest of eternal life” (TLSB).

The faith which fails to produce such sacrificial service is no faith at all. Certainly, such a faith is saving faith. Saving both for he who sacrifices himself and for those who are the object of his focus in his service.

Eternal God, as Jesus gave his life for me, I give mine for him and for many, in order that they may be saved by the cross of Christ.

Hold this thought: In sacrifice the servant freely gives, / As Christ gave his, and in giving, lives.

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