I’ve not kept a written journal of observations and notes, but here are a few items off the top of my head.

• We’re enjoying time with family here in the U.S., a short trip, but full of good moments. Getting with a few friends as well. My prayer today for lunch with my parents and a couple who’ve been friends and overseeing elder for many years: “Father, we thank you for good food, good friends, and the wonderful hope in Jesus Christ.”

• The Somers Avenue teacher participating in their summer series taught Wed., the 3rd, on the New Testament Greek text in a clear and understandable way. His last point well underscored the purpose of the NT: to know Christ and become like him.

• On I-40 near Dickson TN a Freed-Hardeman car, a Chevy Impala, passed us as we headed for Arkansas. He must have been doing nearly 80. My speedometer was set at 70. Christian ethics aren’t what they used to be.

• The Missus, The Maiden and I shared a platter at a N. Little Rock barbeque restaurant, and we were all well satisfied. To decrease American obesity, now at 33% in adults, according to the CDC, how about cutting down the size of the portions, with a proportionate decrease in price? That might go a way in helping waistlines and budgets. The food was tasty, by the way.

• We arrived yesterday in N. Little Rock to record temperatures, 114ºF in Little Rock. NLR temps reached just slightly lower. Of course, we only felt the heat as we ran from car to house to public buildings.

• So far, I’ve kept up the Portuguese and English daily devotionals. By the grace of God. In nine days, we’ve been on the road six.

• The Maiden tried to get a driving permit, but she didn’t have enough ID. So she went to get an ID, and, after an 1 1/2 hour wait, discovered she didn’t have enough ID to get an ID card. If she’d had a court record, she could have gotten it. Moral of the story: Life is easier for criminals.


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  1. I guess what you do is so much different then what you do sometimes. but this life
    should show neighbors before you can tell them…I love reading these…

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