Life in Christ: Thoughtful phrases and random thoughts

• Some time back I’d highlighted this sentence from Holladay’s commentary on 1 Cor.: “Life in Christ is a constant interaction of being acted upon by God and acting in response to God.” That probably means more to me now than it did then.

• I bought my copy of the commentary from sr. Andrade in Belo Horizonte. It has his stamp on the title page, with the date he acquired it: 2 April 1987. He was a good man and effective teacher who died after being hit by a car, as he crossed the avenue in front of his apartment. I miss him and his no-nonsense attitude.

• Coming up: Brazil anniversary #26 on Nov. 28.

• Ron Thomas shared a great phrase yesterday, in the middle of his post about our Bible reading for the day, Ephesians 3. I quote him up to that phrase:

A great chapter! In this chapter we learn the church’s mission: they are to make know the manifold wisdom of God (by or through the church (3:10). This places a heavy burden on us, does it not? However, it is not a burden if it is your life. (italics mine)

So true, Ron, that it’s not a burden if it’s your life. It is our comfort, and joy, and passion.

• As I cram and jam with 1 Cor., these verses, newly rediscovered, still sing in my ears. Amazing that we hardly ever hear them read or mentioned. Maybe the context dampens enthusiasm for them. But this whole chapter 7 is powerful , especially to those who want a new set of circumstances to make things better. That new set is the passing of this age and the arrival of the eternal day.

• Many years ago, I read an article that put forth the thesis that a church building’s architecture and furniture arrangement told much about that congregation’s theology. Maybe it was an RestQ article? Anyway, I’m learning how much a Bible book’s structure, or architecture, if you will, says about its message, its theology. And we often pay little attention to it. UPDATE: here’s an example.

• Vicki suggested I publish my notes on 1 Cor. This after a home group reading on chapter 13, drawn from my studies. I’d like to do that, but they’re too sketchy. Maybe if I titled them, “Hurried and Scattered Notes on 1 Cor.”

• Am I so hung up on mission that I see it where it’s not present?

• A brother was amazed that classes Vicki and I gave in a congregation in the capital, on marriage and family, were all taken straight from the Bible. Do we depend that much on psychology today, that teaching from the Bible is so rare?

• Let’s see, this post has more random thoughts than thoughtful phrases, so let’s balance it out. Here’s Glenn Hitchcock: “God is more interested in making us what He wants us to be than giving us what we think we ought to have.”

• One more for the road, a thought that came to me a few days ago, which may not make sense now, but did to me then: As you execute your plans for a better future, make sure you don’t sacrifice the essentials of the hour.

• Before the night flees before the light of the dawn, I must sleep.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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