“Let your words be few,” wrote the Preacher (Ecclesiastes 5.2), and how right he was to give this counsel! How much better the world would be if people talked less, if they stopped throwing words to the wind. With one exception:

With many other words he testified and exhorted them saying, “Save yourselves from this perverse generation!”
Acts 2.41 NET

When it comes to the gospel, we ought to talk a lot. Peter preached about Jesus, and people were touched with their need to obey God’s will.

I had much rather aggravate someone by talking a lot about Jesus than stop talking and let someone go peacefully into hell.

Peter spoke much about Jesus, and three thousand people were baptized.

Can you talk that much?

Beloved Father, when it comes to my Lord Jesus Christ, may I never stop talking, for he is the only hope we have for eternal salvation. Amen.

Hold this thought: You can never say too much about Jesus Christ.

One thought on “Let your words be many

  1. So true, and is something I’ve discussed with churches I’ve helped. When churches get small, the first thing they stop doing is preaching in meetings, on the radio, television and missions. When they do that, they are hurting themselves and are guaranteed to get smaller.

    Acts 6:7. Increase the word, increase the number of disciples. Simple. But, too often, people just won’t listen.

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