Leila finishes 10th grade

With the last lesson of algebra, Leila finished her 10th grade work today and gets a short break before her 11th grade homeschool materials come in the mail.

We celebrated tonight — good reason for Vicki, who’s not feeling 100% — by going to the new BK here in town, in the biggest mall here, ValeSul Shopping. Vicki went to a salad place instead, but Leila and I splurged on a BK Jr.

Vicki thinks it’s mainly tension that’s got her down this week. I suspect it’s over my trip next week, being gone for almost two months.

I worked today for some time on my visual presentation for the trip. It’s coming along slowly but surely.

BTW, I’m looking at purchasing a netbook while in the U.S. Anybody got any recommendations? Priority #1: it has to have a good keyboard, not some dinky thing with keys the size of a pencil eraser.

The day seemed a bit sad, remembering 9/11. FB was full of people’s memories, mine too, when I was in the used bookstore and a lady came in with the news. I thought she was talking about the  plot of some novel, it sounded so far out.

We all missed swimming class today. Vicki not well, I up to my eyeballs in stuff to do before the trip. Perhaps I’ll make it up by going at 8 in the morning. Maybe not.

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