good or evilDoing two things at the same time can be dangerous, like driving a vehicle and texting. Other things are impossible to do at the same time, like, say, driving a vehicle and swimming the breaststroke. (But there’s always someone who will try, right?) Here are two things impossible to do simultaneously:

Stop doing evil. Learn to do good.
Isaiah 1:16-17 GWT

Doing good must be learned. Man has his definition of what is good, but his ideas, in the spiritual realm, are almost always wrong.

It is not enough to stop doing evil. We will do one or the other. The doing is always present, for man is not inactive. If we’re not doing good, as God determines what is good, then we are doing evil.

This applies to the people of God, as much as to the pagan. For Isaiah writes these lines to Israel. The church must learn also to reject evil in order to embrace the good.

Which are you doing right now?


4 thoughts on “Learn to do good

  1. Sort of like, you must get off the excavator in order to learn to pilot a helicopter. Both require training and potentially comparable hand actions, which can appear similar through the uneducated eyes of others. However, these actions, regardless of how they look, will lead to greatly different outcomes if not performed properly. The moral to the story, instead of digging through others’ dirt, soar high by being supported by God.

  2. Or, as Paul said, “Be not overcome by evil; but overcome evil with good.” That applies as much internally as externally (as is the sense of the verse in context).

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