Fixed spiritual laws
God’s law proceeds pace ahead.

Over own the Powerline Blog, a post lists some electioneering quotes by the ever-so-quotable Winston Churchill, among them this one:

On questions of economic law it does not matter at all what the electors think or vote or say.  The economic laws proceed.

One could add to that, the direction that heads of government determine as well, at cross-purposes with the material good of the citizenry. It seems governments think they can flaunt the economic laws (not to mention moral and spiritual) and get away with it. Eventually, it will catch up with them.

This principle also applies in the spiritual realm, our principal interest since ignoring it incurs eternal consequences. Regardless of what people say is good and right, no matter what a person thinks or says or does, and no matter what an eldership or a preacher claims to be divine guidance or permission, the laws of God hold fast, immutable, and will not be changed, no, not even in the last day. Especially not in the last day.

And in the here and now, people will ignore the moral and spiritual laws of God to their detriment and sorrow. One of these laws being that of sowing and reaping.

Now I’m not one to talk about the commands of God in terms of law, nor am I much of a fan of the phrase “laws of nature,” although I think I understand what people mean by the expressions. But undeniably the truths, commands, principles, and facts of the gospel are unchanging.

We may claim them to be murky and difficult to understand. We may demur at obedience because of our supposed imperfect comprehension of them. We may be reluctant to proclaim them forcefully and confidently in the public square because we are ashamed of them. We may insinuate that times change, and humanity evolves, and our modern society demands a more nuanced approach.

But the laws of God remain. The commands of Christ still ring out from the pages of the New Testament. The truth of the gospel and the scandal of the Cross abide to this day and will march into eternity unscathed by the ravages of time.

All the laws of God proceed.

What do you think?