Lagging, stirring, traveling

BZM newsletter: BNc lagging; men stirring; tickets in hand.

BNC LAGGING. Seems all the editors for have been busy, so we’ve not had much reporting lately on the website.

Today I got up a story about a biography of a Tennessee preacher accused of spying for Hitler in the 1940s and who fed his family with possum meat. Check it out here.

This and other biographies about missionaries (see, for example, books published by J.C. Choate) in earlier days reminds us how much people sacrificed to serve the Lord and preach the gospel.

MEN STIRRING. Saturday the men of the SJCampos church met for 2 1/2 hours to talk about the work and make some decisions. For many months we’ve gone without meeting and the work has been in automatic, so to speak.

We’re returning now to a monthly meeting to evaluate the work, pray and study together, and offer training in worship and evangelism to our men and to those in the area who are interested in attending.

larcristao.jpgAfter discussions earlier in the year with the whole congregation, the men decided to send a monthly contribution from the treasury to the Christian Children’s Home in Cabreuva, rather than continue using the offering box, which resulted in very small amounts.

The economic crisis is deeply affecting not-for-profit entities and ministries as sources of contributions dry up.

Read about the home here.

TICKETS IN HAND. Lord permitting, we’ll travel to the U.S. April 28-29, arriving in Memphis Wednesday morning. The Maywood Missionary Retreat begins the 30th in Hamilton, Ala., and I’ll speak Friday, May 1, on “Models of Success in Brazil.”

This time Vicki and Leila will accompany me to the retreat, which is my third year to participate and speak.

Our itinerary is posted at this link.

If you’ll be nearby one of our stopping points, come by and visit with us.

J. Randal Matheny

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