Ladies are home

Vicki and Leila arrived home from Belo Horizonte last night shortly before 10 p.m. I picked them up at the bus station.

Airfare has gotten expensive so they went by bus this time — 11 hour trip. The night bus is shorter, but Vicki prefers the day since she can’t rest on the bus at night.

They enjoyed the ladies’ retreat. Vicki saw our neighbor lady from when we lived in Belo Horizonte. Some of the young people went to the Fowlers’ house Sunday night where they stayed before and after the retreat, so Leila enjoyed that.

We gave an elderly lady a ride home from the bus station. They met her on the bus, and she lives next to the little French restaurant I took Vicki to a few months ago.

They gave me a minute-by-minute recount of their trip, told of seeing so many of the people we know from there. Must have been nearly 1 a.m. when Vicki and I finally slept.

This morning she was off again to the dentist to continue the root canal treatment. He closed up the left back tooth to see if it had drained enough. Thursday she goes back to see how it does.

J. Randal Matheny

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