CourageAmong human powers, one rises only to fall shortly thereafter. This is especially clear in dictators like Kadhafi, who yesterday toppled the previous head of Libya in order to exercise complete power and oppress his own people, but today was toppled by rebels. There is one, however, who has defeated his enemy to never again be challenged.

[Christ] has broken the power of death and brought life and immortality to light through the gospel!
2 Timothy 1:10 NET

Breaking the power of death doesn’t mean avoiding suffering in this life for the gospel, for Paul affirms this in short order. The apostle calls Timothy to be unafraid to suffer together with him. The disciple should embrace suffering as a part of service to God. All those in Asia had abandoned Paul (verse 15), because they were not willing to endure such suffering.

So what does it mean to break the power of death? It means that, apart from what happens to the servant of Christ in this life, he has the guarantee of eternal life. Nothing in earthly life can rob him of heavenly life.

Thus, the gospel of Christ creates courageous servants, who fulfill his mission in this world without attention to the cost and without caring about the difficulties.


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  1. Amen! The pursuit of Christ and His mission has a way of attracting difficulty, and separating wheat from chaff.

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