‘Not your job to judge your own work’

I feel the sentiment of the following quote in a small way, often, about my writing and my poems especially. The ones I think are the best receive relatively little attention. The ones I consider mediocre seem to find greater acceptance among readers.

… not only are you a bad judge of your own work, it is not your job to judge your own work. It is not your place to compare it to others. It is not your responsibility to figure out how valuable it is or how useful it can be. It is not your job to tell yourself, “No.”

Instead, your responsibility is to create. Your job is share what you have to offer from where you are right now.

via Martha Graham on the Hidden Danger of Comparing Yourself to Others | James Clear.

The great lesson here, perhaps, is to listen to that inner voice for the direction you should go and the creation of content that is yours, given by God. (Not talking biblical inspiration here, but rather the use of gifts.)

The blessing of your gifts may not appear in your generation. But the greater blessing may remain for those who come after. Again, worry not with success, but dedicate yourself to faithfulness. In it is the working out of God’s plan, for you and for all.

J. Randal Matheny

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