The world judges those who judge, claiming it is wrong to judge others. One of the compliments that Jesus paid, however, was to a man who made a judgment.

Jesus said to him, “You have judged rightly.”
Luke 7.43b NET

How is it, then, that Jesus could condemn those who judge, Mt 7.1, and praise one who did it? The verbs in the two verses are the same term in the original language.

In Matthew’s gospel, Jesus condemns the critical spirit which seeks something wrong in others. Here, in Luke, he praises a man who reaches a right conclusion.

Jesus wants us to judge properly. After all, no human being exists who does not judge. To affirm that one ought not to judge is nothing less than a stupid claim, besides being a contradiction.

Judging wrongly is a great error. Judging rightly will carry us to eternal life. Let us have the humility to be judges who are guided by God’s revelation in the Bible.

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5 thoughts on “Judge rightly

  1. I’m not that sure about your article. I’ll have to think about what you’re saying for a while before I come to a judgment…I mean an opinion. Almost slipped up there 😉

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