Joint prayer for Hannah Duke

Neal Pollard gave this news earlier today in his Daily Bread email.

There will be a special Prayer Session conducted jointly by the Kensington Woods congregation (Hattiesburg, MS), the Mount Juliet church in Mount Juliet, TN, and the Bear Valley congregation at 7 PM Mountain Time for HANNAH DUKE.  This will be specifically that the feeding tube and IV ports will work so she can keep hydrated, that she stays free of infection as this can be life threatening, and for her family as they endure trials that they do so with patience.  If you would like to join in prayer with us for her, I know the DUKES would be grateful.  They are a wonderful family.

I assume that’s tonight. I was intrigued and pleased to see three congregations joining together for this prayer. Don’t know how they managed it, but glad to see it. May God hear their, and our, pleas.

UPDATE: Neal tells me the prayer session is slated for FRIDAY night.

J. Randal Matheny

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