This is your invitation to join our new email discussion group, NTChristian.

You can read about the group here. To join, send an email to this address.

To give you an idea of how the group works, below are the 7 Rules of Engagement.


  1. Be polite to the extreme. No bad language, sarcasm, meanness, etc.
  2. Be evangelistic about the group. Invite and invite people to share in this good spot on the Internet.
  3. Respect every person.
  4. Stick with the Biblical text.
  5. Keep this a commercial-free zone. No ads, no tolerance.
  6. Talk about what’s happening in your life and thoughts. No third-party messages. If it’s not yours don’t post it. And no long articles or studies. This is dialog, not sermons.
  7. All G-rated subjects are good here. The best are spiritual, biblical, Christian, devotional, ministerial and missional.

What do you think?