Jesus, the Joyful

I’m continuing my series on the Attitudes of Jesus at SJCampos. Here’s a brief outline of last Sunday’s lesson, “Jesus, the Joyful” from Luke 10:13-21:

  1. Joy in rejection (10-16). The context suggests that Jesus recognizes that he and his followers’ message will be rejected by many. In spite of that, no, even because of that, there is joy, for it shows the nature of the gospel.
  2. Joy in salvation (17-20, 22). Men love the exercise of power, but when one falls flat on one’s face (as when Jesus was on the mount of transfiguration), what then? It’s not our success, but our salvation, having our names written in heaven, that really matters.
  3. Joy in mission (1, 21). The chapter is the Limited Commission, the practice run for the disciples. Jesus’ joy is that the gospel was put in the hands of the small people, not the big wigs and top hats. Verse 21 is a mission verse! It’s not the powerful, but the puny who take the gospel and run with it.
J. Randal Matheny

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