Jesus, the Friend, on Visitor’s Day

The last day of the month used to be time for a monthly report, but people don’t seem to have time to read them any more.

I still do some occasionally. Today, however, just some recent points in the work.

  • The parents of Leila’s new friend (Priscila) in the neighborhood, Américo and Cristina, visited the church yesterday morning and ate lunch with us during our monthly visitor’s day and meal. This at Leila’s invitation, not ours.
  • My sermon yesterday continued the series on “The Attitudes of Christ,” with “Jesus, the Friend.” Three times the word friend is found on Jesus’ lips in the gospels. I dealt with the three passages: Luke 12, John 15 and John 11 (the order I followed).
  • At Taubaté yesterday, Adauri preached, then went with Jorge and Paula on to Guaratinguetá. I assume he spoke there, also. He has been teaching Bible school at SJCampos. It’s good to see him developing.
  • With Adauri preaching and Jorge leading singing yesterday at Taubaté, all I had to do with the Lord’s supper and offering meditations. I got by light!
  • No positive news as far as a brother’s repentance who announced his exit in January. His decision came hard to me, not just in terms of the work here, since we shared much of the responsibility together, but personally, since I counted him a good friend.
  • Our mid-week study hasn’t taken off as I’d like to see it. Most of the saints here live far from the town’s center, so it’s hard for them to make it during the week. Many of them live in other towns — Jacareí and São Paulo. We’ve had several faithful ones, like José Roberto and sr. Benedito.
J. Randal Matheny

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