Suffering, the OT teaches, is a direct or indirect result of sin. Either one makes the wrong choices that bring suffering as punishment or one is affected unjustly by the wrong choices of others. Jesus’ suffering, of course, falls in this latter category. He died, “the righteous one for [hyper, on account of] the unrighteous ones” (1Pe 3:18). The sins for which Jesus was punished were not his own. In the immediate context of history, it was the sins of Jesus’ enemies that led to his suffering. In the grand context of eternity, it was your sins and mine that led him to Calvary. —Lawrence O. Richards, Expository Dictionary of Bible Words, 475

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  1. “Just for unjust.” No articles are used in the GNT. I think I’d like to take another look at the use of huper in this verse. Thanks for pointing out some interesting things.

    • As I recall there’s a big fight over “hyper” in this context, substitutionary atonement or some such big word, is there not? Interesting, the highlight on the quality of the nouns, without the articles. Or so the grammarians tell us, is that it?

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