Jesus welcomes

In the streets of large cities, on the buses and subways, in parties and other places where many people gather, we feel the touch of people without giving it much thought. So it was with Jesus as well, surrounded constantly by multitudes, pressed upon on all sides by people who wanted to see him, hear him, and ask of him some benefit. But there was a moment …

Jesus knew at once that power had gone out from him. He turned around in the crowd and said, “Who touched my clothes?”
Mark 5:30 NET

Jesus felt a different touch. A touch of faith, of need, of despair, of maximum effort. A touch receptive to his power. And in the midst of so many, he calls attention to this touch. To this woman.

Actually, the Lord didn’t so much call the attention of others to her, as he called her not to ever feel any remorse for what she’d done. On the contrary, Jesus wanted her to do this. He was present to inject hope and faith into life.

Besides giving her the blessing of a cure, he gave her still another: He pulled her from out of the midst of the multitude for her to tell her story, to hear that her faith had cured her, to know that, even though he was busy, the Lord had time for the little people.

And also for me.

Thinking again, who has a special touch is Jesus.


3 thoughts on “A special touch

  1. That account is so rich – and you covered it well. Especially liked, “He was present to inject hope and faith into life.” Great thoughts!

    • Thanks, Rick, it is such a powerful passage. BTW, have been trying to comment on your blog; too many Twitter accounts to remember the right email … and can’t find the right disqus combo. I’m in sad shape.

  2. No problem! I installed disqus so I could interact, because I never got notifications from blogger when I had a comment. Never mind me, just keep doing your thing! 🙂

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