lessons at breakfastEvery morning, in homes across the land, someone gets up, sets the table, buys bread, prepares breakfast for the family. One beautiful morning, at the water’s edge, Jesus also prepares and serves breakfast to seven disciples.

Then Jesus served them the bread and the fish.
John 21:13 NTL

#1. Jesus is practical. The disciples had worked all night (verse 3). They were hungry. They needed to eat.

#2. Jesus is servant. As in his life and ministry, as well as after his resurrection, Jesus continues to serve. The glorified Son of God prepares breakfast for them and served it to the seven disciples.

#3. Jesus is not vegetarian. Obviously, John didn’t put this verse here to prove that Jesus ate meat, but the verse, with other texts, shows the falsehood of affirmations by vegetarians who want to make Jesus their poster-boy for their cause.

#4. Jesus created the moment to teach and offer forgiveness. Jesus didn’t wait for an opportunity to speak with Peter. He created the moment. We need to learn from him, to teach the gospel and offer forgiveness to others.

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