My Forthright Magazine article today does a take-off from a story about a guy who saw Jesus (he was sure about that) and Mary (that one was a maybe; perhaps he needed to check with a priest to see if that was OK) in a pizza tray.

That led to another thought: How is it that such stories about Jesus or Mary (usually it’s her) appearing in some rock or tree or the accumulated gunk of a leaking crack in the concrete of a highway overpass, always seem to make the news?

Two explanations are possible.

One, the media is controlled by the Catholic Church (sounds like what people say about Jews, doesn’t it?) and they think that airing these stories will produce faith in their doctrines. Hmm, not likely.

Two, the media is controlled by atheists and people hostile to religion, and they think these stories will show that religion is a bunk, because when you show the person’s testimony and the artifact, it’s pretty obvious that the person has been doing a bit of drinking. The likelier of the two.

Maybe there’s a third possibility. Media moguls throw sops of stories to the public that they think people will like, since they’re first and foremost economic enterprises. Probably some truth to that.

Whatever the reason for these stories appearing so regularly in the news, I suspect they don’t help the cause of truth at all. Because people don’t seem to turn more to the Bible to find our Lord Jesus after watching or reading such lame excuses for faith.

What do you think?