These items slipped through my fingers

Early this morning I posted my Final Phase article to Forthright Magazine: “The opportunities of life and time, and why we don’t pursue them.” Among other things, I said:

Life means opportunity to learn, to serve, and to teach. It means, above all, opportunity to draw near to God. Time (the stuff of life) offers a chance to grow, to mature, to leave self further behind.

Please take the opportunity to read it. A sister in Texas scolded me for not writing every week. Ouch!

No one has stepped forward to carry on TiddlySpace, so all my brilliant content there, along with that of other contributors, will have to be moved, since that service is shutting down. There’s always TiddlySpot …

Part and parcel of life in Christ. A short new outline is up on Sermon Lines, from my lesson yesterday on “The pain of persecution, based on 2 Tim 3.” Check it out. Neither the Lord nor his apostles failed to reveal the hardships of discipleship.

Three prayers so far this month on Believing Prayer. Perhaps another one today, the day is young yet. Subscribe so you won’t miss any. (August wasn’t a bad month either.)

I picked back up the Practicing Proverbs series, today doing chapter 15. Seven short points from the chapter. Read it, and the others, here.

For more content, as if this isn’t enough, check the About page througout the day and week and …

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