I sent this email to three separate discussion lists today, about prayer. I got no response.

Your input on an idea will be helpful. Brethren have used the Internet for many good things, among them prayer requests shared on lists and forums.

May 1st is the Americans’ National Day of Pray. I’ve written on this before.

As per the article, there is precedent for special moments for Christians to pray or work together.

Here’s my question: would you as a saint, would your ministry (say, GBN, HtH, etc.) and would your congregation, as far as you know, be willing to participate in a day of united prayer for all Christians?

I’d like to see brethren joining together for a day of prayer. What do you think?

One list had quite a bit of activity, the others none. So activity or its lack was no measure of neglect.

So I’m not sure what to think. Are we not interested in prayer? In praying together?

What about you, who read this post?

What do you think?