Just reached the number of 2,100 friends on Facebook. Now watch Google+ (my profile: http://is.gd/randal) overtake FB and all that effort go to waste. Well, maybe not.

• Speaking of social media, tell me what, if anything, this verse has to say about it. (So maybe Facebook is in the Bible?) “The shrewd person conceals knowledge, but foolish people publicize folly” (Psa 12:23 NET).

• Ready to launch the new Forthright Magazine. I think. Probably will have some trip-ups along the way, but we’re as ready as can be.

• Doing FMag for Richard this week, since he’s busy with camp. Am updating the new site along with the old, while we wait for the domain transfer.

• Something biblical, like giving credit to the Lord.

“So David went to Baal-perazim and defeated the Philistines there. “The Lord did it!” David exclaimed. “He burst through my enemies like a raging flood!” So he named that place Baal-perazim (which means “the Lord who bursts through”). 2 Sam 5:20 NLT

NLT is a bit interpretative here, looser than I’d like to see, but gets at the idea. “The Lord did it!” Yes, he did. And does for me.


5 thoughts on “Is Facebook in the Bible?

  1. Very good point. People let fly with WAY too much on fb and twitter most of the time. Guilty. But in defense of fb’s existence, it’s important to remember that proverbs are proverbial, not imperative.

  2. Social media amplifies opportunities, for better or worse. There’s a lot of fruit growing on the virtual farm.

  3. The Greeks and others that met on Mars Hill to tell or hear some new thing would be a good 1st century example of facebook, just a different ‘venue’ to today. See Acts 17:21

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