Invite President Obama to church

This email arrived today from a friend, which I’ve posted with her permission …

My dear brethren,

To say I am concerned about the direction our country is heading in, is an understatement. I’m certain all of us as Christians feel the same way.

I heard on the news, or read on the Internet, that our President is looking for a church. As of yet, they have not attended a church service since coming into office the first of the year. That is a shame.

I don’t know anything about the church (Church of Christ) in Washington, but I do believe we need to be inviting them to come.

It is time for us to reach out and try to teach them the truth of God’s word. We must do what we can to turn this country back to God, and why not start at the head?

I wonder what it would mean to President Obama and Michelle to be bombarded with invitations to attend the Church of Christ in Washington, or nearby? Perhaps you know about the church there and could encourage them to make an effort to invite them.

Is there anything that you feel YOU can do to help? A tract, “Why the Church of Christ?”, could be mailed to them. Maybe you could even write a personal letter telling them why you want them to consider the church of Christ.

Surely God doesn’t expect us to sit by and not take advantage of this news. Let’s pray, but let’s work, too!

May God bless your every effort for His cause.

Glenda W. Williams (Mrs. Douglas M.)

(The address)

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20500

J. Randal Matheny

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2 thoughts on “Invite President Obama to church

  1. Invite him to visit the Georgia Avenue church of Christ in Washington D.C. They are a sound, evangelistic church (They mail out House to House Heart to Heart.)

  2. I’m not sure that bombarding the White House with invitations is a good idea (it might be taken as adversarial), although I had thought myself that an invitation from Fairfax Church Of Christ or another congregation in the Washington area (I;ve visited Arlington, Silver Spring, and University Park over the years) would be good. President Obama has impressed me with his positive attitude, thoughtfulness, and the way he seems be a good husband and father to his family. Of course, as Christians we have a responsibility to pray for him.

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