Invitation to prayer in July

Prayer for July 2009 –We invite the brotherhood to dedicate the month of July to the following petition:

The UN has designated July 9 as the International Disarmament Day . May Christians never give up their spiritual arms, necessary to win over the devil; and may they never make peace with those forces that would influence them to accept immorality or false teachings in their midst.

May our missionary petition be:

May we promote peace between people and God and declare war against our enemy, the Evil One, who would capture all for his infernal kingdom.

How to use these prayers

  • Include them in your personal prayers and in prayers you offer in small groups and in your congregation.
  • Ask that these petitions be included, when asked for prayer requests.
  • Affix these prayers on your congregation’s bulletin board.
  • Publish them in your church bulletin or newsletter.
  • Distribute a sheet with these prayers in prayer meetings.
  • Post them on the home page of your congregation and mention them in electronic forums or email discussion groups.
  • Send them by mail or by email to brothers and sisters who you know.
  • Translate them into other languages and share them with churches in other countries and areas of the world.

Please let us hear from you how you are using these prayers in your life or congregation. Share that information with everyone in the comment area below.

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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