hired a survey about Internet privacy concerns. Here’s their post, with a link to more detailed results, but below, as one would expect from a visual society, a graphic with the main numbers. My comments after the graphic.

Internet privacy

I can’t prove it, but I’m almost certain that a “friend” on Facebook used my personal information to send out a scam email soliciting funds. It mentioned the names of all my family members. I’ve befriended lots of people there in order the share the gospel, most of whom I don’t know personally. So the 45% on the graph is probably 85-90% for me.

I continue on all the big-name services, because of my ministry objectives. But my personal stuff is going in places where I can control who sees what. Like Friendica. It’s hard to pull data back once it’s out there. So I’m being more restrained about sharing personal stuff.

Obviously, Posterous is pushing its own service, which I like. So far, it has a better approach than the other guys. But it too has its commercial side to look out for.

Remember: even with a privacy-paranoid service like Friendica (that’s a compliment, BTW), servers, Internet providers, webmasters, and others out there do have access to data. Not to mention hackers and government hacks who might at some point serve orders to open up your account. For most of us, there won’t be much to see (though I don’t want my credit card information or other personal data stolen), but Big Brother is now here to stay.

May he and all the gawkers see Christ living in us.

So how do you feel about all this? What are your concerns?

2 thoughts on “Survey reveals concerns over Internet privacy

  1. I think the the info on the survey would probably be about right. I try to be very limited in what I do/share online (particulary with photos and personal info). My extent is email and my wordpress account.

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