The Internet a maze, a jungle, a party and more

How might the Internet be described?

A maze – a bewildering labyrinth, easy to enter, hard to exit, multiple paths to choose, few signposts to trust, no visible organization, makes one wonder why one entered in the first place.

A jungle – emphasis on the danger, have to hack to get in, hack to get through, hack to get out, all the while carrying your pistol in one hand in case a lion or tiger or bear pounces on you (OK, I know bears don’t do jungles and don’t pounce, but don’t bicker with my metaphor).

A party – where you don’t know many, weave your way through the little clusters of partyers, stop and talk to one or another, hope to find a corner to enjoy, a friendly face to chat with.

A tool – to get a job done, with lots of buttons and gauges and levers, the insides of which one really doesn’t want to see, sometimes more bother than it’s worth, without an owner’s manual, which one probably wouldn’t read anyway, and not much way to measure how effective a job one is doing.

How else might one characterize the Internet? Write below …

J. Randal Matheny

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