Spiritual initiative
This work of art is called, Readiness. Is it you?

The God who loved us first seeks in man the same initiative that marks his actions.

I heard the voice of the sovereign master say, “Whom will I send? Who will go on our behalf?” I answered, “Here I am, send me!”
Isaiah 6:8 NET

Perhaps that is why God asks a question, instead of giving Isaiah an order. We can’t be sure, because the text doesn’t give clear clues, but it seems that the Lord wants the prophet to make the connection between the profound feeling of gratitude for forgiveness and the need to serve the Lord.

And Isaiah makes the connection. “Here am I, send me!” He offers himself.

Never had someone spoken purer words, from purified lips.

It’s as if the Lord was speaking among his celestial counselors, asking who might be willing, among his poor creatures, for a work so challenging and difficult, some person qualified for a task of such vast scope.

One can almost feel God smile when the little man of recently purified lips takes a step forward.

But have we also, like Isaiah, already made the connection?

God seeks the man or woman who sees the next city, the distant region, without the gospel and says, “I want to go there.” The Lord watches for the iniative of the disciple who, like his Mater, says, “Let’s go to the neighboring cities, to preach there also, for this is why we came” (cp. Mark 1:38).

God who purifies and pardons, I hear your voice and ask you to send me into your work. Here I am, to please you and to fulfill your purpose. As did Jesus. Amen.


What do you think?