The infinite mindset

Adopting an infinite mindset in a world consumed by the finite can absolutely cost a leader their job. —Simon Sinek

CVS bucked the financial bottom line in order to look out for the health of their clients. They stopped selling cigarettes. They adopted what Sinek calls, above, an infinite mindset. Against all predictions, it paid off big for them.

There’s a spiritual principle here. We’re not talking about business or leadership, but rather the Kingdom of God and service to the Lord Jesus Christ. But the quote splashes over into heavenly realities.

In spiritual terms, how is the finite view identified? What does it look like? How does it act? Here are some points.

  1. It makes decisions based on visible resources already in hand (monies, buildings, available manpower).
  2. It preaches the budget as the final arbiter of outreach, growth, and ministry.
  3. It evaluates efforts by how much bang for the buck it can get.
  4. It narrows the Great Commission down to locations within a day’s drive.
  5. It requires a rubber stamp by the “leadership” before anyone can do anything.

You can probably add to this list, but these ought to get you started.

This finite view can be espoused by congregations and by individual saints. It has multiple manifestations, on Sundays and during the week.

The infinite mindset goes against the grain of not only worldly thinking but of religious finite views. The contrast between the infinite and the finite visions is vast. The finite can be found not only in boardrooms, but in church buildings, not only on Wall Street, but also on Church Street. The infinite mindset is hard to find anywhere.

What kind of people has the infinite mindset?

  1. They take into account the powerful sovereignty of God. “For God all things are possible” Mt 19.26.
  2. They push forward against the darkness by boldest prayer.
  3. They weigh the infinite worth of a single soul.
  4. They are willing to drop all for an open door, for an exiting eunuch, for an observant jailer.
  5. They take Jesus’ word seriously about faith moving mountains.
  6. They know they have the backing of Christ to take the initiative.
  7. They refuse sidelines and rabbit trails in order to stay on the track of saving souls.

You can certainly add to this list as well, to capture the essence of the infinite mindset.

New starts, new souls, new births, new leafs, new lives, new names, new hopes, new heavens and earth. For the infinite mindset, “the only thing that matters is a new creation!” Gal 6.15.

How to move from the finite mindset to the infinite? I need your help on this one. But here’s my starter list.

  1. Search for the Spirit of the Word, along with the Word of the Spirit.
  2. Stop listening to the finite voices, and tune in to the voice of God. (Translation: Absorb the Scriptures.)
  3. Find your courage in the marvelous acts of the Son of Man who came to earth to die, and who died to take us to heaven.
  4. Put every single need, worry, concern, desire, fear, and hour in the hands of him who created you.
  5. Recognize that God has put his gospel in your hands and his power in your heart.

Forget the finite list. Add to the list of the infinite mindset and to the steps toward assuming the mind of Christ. Round out this picture and this movement. Sharpen your vision of what it is and how to welcome it into your life.

Share your move into the heavenly realms. How did you get there?

J. Randal Matheny

Be pithy.

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