Here’s where I trekked during my recent trip to the US.

  • May 29, Tuesday. Arrived from Brazil in Memphis. Micah, Valerie and Joel came to see me and we brunched at IHOP. Joel loaned me his car, so I drove it to Paragould, and he returned to Henderson with M&V.
  • May 30, Wednesday. I rested from my trip at my parents’ house. Attended Bible study with parents at our sponsor, the Center Hill church.
  • May 1-3, Thursday-Saturday. I drove Thursday morning the four-hour trip to the retreat. The 2nd May Missionary Retreat, sponsored by the World Evangelism Foundation and the Double Springs, Ala., church, was held at Maywood Christian Camp in Hamilton, Ala. Theme was “Effective Missions.” I spoke on Friday afternoon, on the topic “What Makes Missions Effective?” (see speeches available now on Google Video). More later on the retreat. Some pictures taken by Brenda Brooks are available here.


  • The pdf of the retreat booklet, with outlines and manuscripts of the event, can be downloaded by clicking here.
  • May 3-4. Saturday afternoon I traveled from Hamilton to Iuka, Miss., to visit my mother-in-law. Went Sunday morning to the Iuka, Miss., church, one of our supporters. Sunday night we traveled to Henderson, Tenn., to hear son Joel in the FHU Chorale for their last presentation of the school year, at the Henderson church. My parents and my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Mary, also attended. I met Joel’s girlfriend Tansy. Afterwards, Micah and Valerie joined us at BK.
  • May 5, Monday. I traveled to Fulton, Miss., from Iuka to visit JC Enlow at 21st Century Global Missions to learn about his work. JC has invited me to work with him. We traveled to a funeral to Ripley and visited on the way.
  • May 5-6. I left Fulton around 4:30 p.m., stopped in Iuka and picked up my things, then to Tuscumbia, Ala., to visit old friends, Mike and Brenda Brooks. We talked about their work in Nepal and Bangladesh and mine in Brazil, as well as possible writing project together, which we’d considered back in 1984, but never materialized.
  • May 6. From Tuscumbia to Paragould, via Henderson/Jackson, Tenn., for lunch with Joel and Tansy.
  • May 7. A bit of rest in Paragould, from all the traveling. Attended Bible study at Center Hill.
  • May 8. Visited my Uncle Wayne and Aunt Mary near Ravenden, Ark. They were widowed and remarried a few months ago, set up housekeeping at her place.
  • May 9, Friday. Lunch with Vernon Lacey, Center Hill elder, at the Exchange Club meeting. Micah and Valerie arrived late to spend Saturday with us.
  • May 10, Saturday. Mother’s Day cookout at my sister Rita’s and brother-in-law Bobby Rain’s country home. All the family was there, except Vicki and Leila, as well as Uncle Wayne and Aunt Mary, and his daughter Bonita and her family. Joel and Tansy came to Paragould to visit, arriving in time for the left-overs. Micah and Valerie returned to Henderson, had to work Sunday.
  • May 11, Mother’s Day. Attended Center Hill church both services with Mom and Dad, Joel and Tansy. Took Mom and crew to lunch at Grecian’s. Micah arrived Sunday night, to renew driver’s license on Monday.
  • May 12, Monday. Micah got his license renews and returned to Henderson. Mom and I went clothes shopping in Jonesboro.
  • May 13, Tuesday. Joel took me to the airport in Memphis, then drove his car back to Henderson.

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