During my time here in the U.S., events have moved at such a rush that it’s hard to keep up with them, much less write about them. Here are a few off the top of my head, from recent days.

  • Joel’s wife Tansy went home from the Jackson (TN) General Hospital today, after going in Tuesday night with pain from kidney stones. I got to Tenn., on Thursday. She’s seven months pregnant, so that was a concern. She still has at least one, but the pain seems to have subsided. We pray all goes well with the remainder of her pregnancy.
  • My younger brother went into alcohol detox Sunday a week ago. From Monday to Thursday I was able to visit him every afternoon, some 45 minutes away from Paragould over in Missouri. Then last Tuesday he went into rehab in N. Little Rock. I didn’t get to see him just before he left, nor will I before I travel Monday to Brazil, since he can’t receive calls or visits the first week he’s there. We pray this is a turning point for him. He’s in good spirits, seems determined to make this work.
  • I went to Illinois Friday, June 4, and spent the weekend with friends Richard and Sharon Hill. We sat in a dark house Saturday night without power watching the skies for a tornado that had touched down in a system coming our way. Fortunately, it never materialized. Sunday morning, June 6, we drove together to Sullivan where I filled in for Ron Thomas, and Richard led singing. We had lunch with JE Miller and his siblings and mother, then went to her home. That night his brother Wayne and wife Marilyn took me as I preached at Arthur. I enjoyed that day. I spent the night in Sullivan in a house owned by the congregation.
  • June 7, after breakfast in Mattoon with JE (pic with him on Facebook), I traveled to the Little Egypt Christian Youth Camp in Dahlgren IL for the third Southern Illinois Preacher’s Retreat. Got there shortly after noon, spoke Tuesday on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and Thursday morning on the fruit of the Spirit. The schedule included a lot of classes, but it was still flexible and allowed plenty of time to visit and discuss. Was a great renewal time for me. Justin Odom organized it with Ron Thomas’ help. Justin’s wife Katrina oversaw the kitchen. Her father owned a bakery so we were  treated to great dishes, breads and pastries.

4 thoughts on “In travel events rush forward

  1. You are going to just crash and lay down when you get home!

    I am glad time as moved quickly for you here and that things are looking on the upside for your family. Rehab is a hard step for people but a good one. My daughters have been down that road and it is a hard one to travel at times for them and for those that love them, I am happy for you all that his spirits are high and his determination strong. As always, yours and you are in our prayers.

  2. Oh, the pastries sound wonderful and so did the fellowship you have been able to enjoy!

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