In This My Hour

Another UPLift piece so soon? One can never predict when the moment strikes.

In This My Hour

by J. Randal Matheny

Murky shadows darker than the night,
Black on black like leaves upon a tree;
And in this blind encounter’s my delight,
This lack of vision leaves me free.

No hooting owl, no horns or human shouts,
No wind to stir the stars, the air unmoved;
And fall, unheard, to earth my shimmering doubts,
As whispers fill my ear from God.

The senses more awake, the heart aware,
Upon my mind the Spirit’s lines are drawn;
I cannot see, but know that God is there,
In this my hour before the dawn.


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J. Randal Matheny

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1 thought on “In This My Hour

  1. Your perception may be that few people ‘see’ your work on the weekend. Perhaps, it’s just that fewer take the time to respond. These eyes read your poem and it gave me moments to think of why Jesus often practiced and asked us to pray in private, pray in a dark closet…paraphrased, removed ourselves from the world around us. Perhaps it during those times that we can truly hear God speak to us…during the still of the night…when most everything is quiet and our time is between “He and I”..even if in my dreams… It’s still God in HIS still small voice giving us the courage, the significance, the message to be shared for the day to come. It is a all a BLESSING… as we prepare our hearts to travel with Him, in Spirit, through “His Triumphal Entry”…

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