In theater, center stage is where the attention is focused, where the main action occurs. Wisdom also must occupy front and center of the heart.

Let them not depart from your sight; keep them in the center of your heart.
Proverbs 4.21 AMP

God’s wisdom must not only be heard, but retained. “Wisdom demands constant seeking,” wrote Bruce Waltke in his commentary on Proverbs.

In this poem (verses 20-27), seven body parts are mentioned. Heart, eyes, and feet are mentioned twice. “The disciple is to strain every sense to the limit” (R.J. Clifford, Proverbs: A Commentary).

At the center of it all is the heart (here, in the sense of the mind; see CEB, ERV, EXP), and at the center of the heart must be the word of God.

O God, how precious are your words, life to my soul! Help me to keep them front and center.

Hold this thought: Put the Word of God in the middle,/ With it don’t trifle, play, or piddle.


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