* A couple of people (maybe more, that I don’t know about) have railed at the BNc story about the debate on doing benevolence from the church treasury. Along the lines of how it’s such a waste of time. Ironic that they spend time venting about this waste of time. Now, I probably wouldn’t spend time debating that topic. But if there are those who want to limit the good works a church may do, perhaps it’s not such a bad thing to discuss that question.

* Barbara O. and I are revamping the FPress site. I hope we can have it done in time for the FHU Lectureship.

* Spent time last night, staying up late, working on the synergistic missions group idea. It, plus the FPress site work, moved along, so I didn’t quit until well after midnight.

* Working at home this morning to the sound of concrete being broken up just outside the window. We’re replacing the walkway in corridor at the side of the house. If the rains will hold off. Then, to the carport, to fix where tree roots buckled up the flooring, and the short drive from the street.

* We’ve lived in this house almost 12 years. (Longer than anywhere else in our married life!) The paint job and reformation is the first time we’ve ever touched anything in the house. It was really needing it. We’re taking food from the baby’s mouth, so to speak, to do this, since we don’t know what our financial situation will be after June, when our main support ends. If we don’t do it now, it may never get done.

* Last, for now: I don’t know that we’ve actually announced it in an official way, so here goes: In August, Joel and Tansy will have our first grandchild. I think I said that properly. From the way grandparents blather on about their grandkids, it must be a wonderful state of being. Lord permitting, we’ll soon find out. And post the sign: Warning! Blathering Grandparents Ahead.

7 thoughts on “Important announcement

  1. I can find no scripture that would prevent funding benevolence projects from the coffers of the church. One must certainly strain at the gnat to even suggest this was not what was just some of the works to be completed as evidenced by the workings of Jesus.

    Congratulations on the coming of the grandchild. I’m really excited for you. I understand it will change your world.

    Having tripped over said tree root, all I can say is good riddance.


  2. Mike, that was my belly laugh of the day, the root tripping. Thanks!

    Daniel, I have some info still up here:


    The Somers Ave. church in N. Little Rock has assumed our oversight as of this month; we still lack funds on what we’ll lose in June. Option is teaching English in order to be able to remain here.

  3. Oh I meant to say, the Somers Ave. church, in which Mike H. above is one of the elders. I’d better get that in there, or he’ll never leave me alone. It’s gonna a be a fun ride with them.

  4. I think Paul addresses the situation well in Titus 3:14, “Our people must also learn to engage in good deeds to meet pressing needs”.

  5. Randal, I’d never have said a word….

    I find the ability to laugh as one goes through this life add greatly to ones desire to go through this life!

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